Located in the heart of Jurata
Located in the heart of Jurata / apartment offers secured parking space and bike storage
Apartment in Jurata
Our apartment in Jurata / is just 200m off the beach

Baltic sea

Baltic sea is unique. It is connected with oceans only by narrow Danish straits, which makes Baltic one of the most isolated seas in the whole world. The most tangible impact of this geographical feature is extremely low salinity (might excuse you from taking a shower after every swim in the sea and definitely is more pleasant to play in for children!). The beaches over here are wide and covered with gorgeous, golden, soft sand, inviting you to have a rest. Every summer loads of youth make a pilgrimage to local seaside attracted by affordable prices and laid back vibe, smell of freedom and iodine in the air. Adults and seniors will appreciate the second one even more, as a catalyst in a process of quick recovery from hassle of everyday life.