Located in the heart of Jurata
Located in the heart of Jurata / apartment offers secured parking space and bike storage
Apartment in Jurata
Our apartment in Jurata / is just 200m off the beach


It’s worth starting with the greatest, at least in terms of scale, attraction of our region, which undoubtedly is the Tri-city Area. You can spend at least one full of charm day regardless whether you choose Gdansk, recognizable in entire Europe thanks to its Port Crane and Neptunes fountain, or Gdynia, which is called “The city of the sea and dreams”, where life is all about harbour, or located between them Sopot, which thanks to its art nouveau villas is full of past centuries vibe and glam. The best way to get there is to take a water taxi from Hel and if once you get there you loose the sense of time and miss the return one don’t panic-there is also a train connection!


Hel city is your easy choice for shorter trips. You could have heard about local Seals Sanctuary, which in our opinion is one of the most underestimated places on the whole peninsula, and it REALLY is worth going to not only in case of the weather not permitting to lounge on the beach as usual, but always when your mind is open to become more conscious habitants of this unique place and humans in general. Besides that, there is the best lighthouse on the whole peninsula and history lovers will surely enjoy Szlak Fortyfikacji Helskich, which is a path leading you through all the local bunkers and it starts just outside of the city.


Those who dive in Poland have most likely already been here, and those who haven’t tried yet should definitely consider Hel as their boot camp. That should not be surprising at all, as the Baltic Sea and its seabed paved with wrecks (some say there is a hundred of them!) is a very attractive area for divers and it’s hard to imagine a better place for starting your adventure than narrow path of the land surrounded by the sea, which Hel in fact is. There is an excellent choice of diving centres run by true seamen which not only guarantees you best experience, but, safety which for every one of them is a paramount.


For those of you with sea adventure lust we recommend taking part in one of many fishing trips organised by genuine local fishermen. The closest fishing spots are just 185m off the shore, so you don’t lose too much time on getting there and back home-you can have whole day of pure fishing experience. Not only are the divers keen on visiting areas of the Baltic rich in wrecks, but also fishermen who value them as homes to the biggest species of the cod.


All year round, the whole peninsula is a sacred place for all windsurfing, kitesurfing and even, if you are patient enough, surfing enthusiasts. You can find a different surfing base at literally every beach entrance, where you will find the very most cheerful and laid back youth at the whole coast, with whom you can give a go some water action or just enjoy the atmosphere and party all the time. The Puck bay is one of the best European spots keeping up with Praso, Garda, Fuerta and all the other big names. Last but not least, a partner town of local Chalupy is Malibu, CA…