Located in the heart of Jurata
Located in the heart of Jurata / apartment offers secured parking space and bike storage
Apartment in Jurata
Our apartment in Jurata / is just 200m off the beach


There is no time fore boredom when you are on Hel peninsula. There is something for everyone, we got only one condition: be open, be yourself

Baltic sea

Baltic has been attracting visitors ever since Roman times due to amber. Nowadays, besides “Polish Gold” tourists can take advantage of picturesque, wide, sandy beaches and perfect conditions to have a rest from everyday hassle. Have a look!


Jurata is a charming seaside village, well known from picturesque, pristine beaches, pure air and charming woods and parks. What draws attention in the first place is Kaszuby’s unique culture and architecture, which are still cherished and taken care of by the local community. Jurata charms with quaint streets filled with stylish cafes and restaurants.

Because of their original layout of the streets and a handful of rural buildings both Jastarnia and Jurata are respected by law as valuable sights and are protected by national bodies.

Jurata’s facilities favour active leisure. You can find here cycling trails, tennis courts, scuba diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing centres as well as skimboarding spots.